Adriana Albritton

A 2019 medical report by the Spine Institute of North America and Stanford Health indicated that 62% of sports-related injuries occur during pre-training or at the actual tournament. Sports injuries can be debilitating and can end an athlete’s career. Additionally, these injuries are often excruciating and costly to treat. That…

When back pain flares up and puts a damper on your day, you may feel tempted to reach for the ibuprofen or other NSAID medications every few hours. It’s a temporary fix, though — over-the-counter pain meds aren’t meant for everyday use as they can pose serious side effects. …

Adriana Albritton

Author of “28 Days to a New Life: A Holistic Approach” Fitness & Wellness Mentor, Blogger, MA Forensic Psychology, Fitness & Nutrition Certification

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